The website of Sanatan Sanstha has cited that a French scientist has said, ‘Hindu way of urinating is the best and healthiest way.’

In the era of technology, any information can without any argument be believed, if one adds before or after a quote that it has been claimed by an American or European scientist.

Sanatan Sanstha

If you really read the instructions, you will realise that they are general tips of hygiene. They have nothing to do with Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Christianity or any other religion that exists on this planet.

Hideously, these general tips have been compared with concepts like Bharatiya culture and spirituality.

Squat position while urinating or defecating is ‘ Bharatiya culture’ :

The Sanstha has recommended squat posture during urination or defecation to be the Bharatiya culture that brings about disintegration of 30% of distressing components created in the body. This ‘ Bharatiya culture’ apparently also clears the negative energy that has accumulated in the physical body of the individual.

Sorry to break it to you, if you are a Hindu bharatvasi , you are probably not maintaining your ‘ bharatiya culture’ if you are defecating in a western-styled lavatory.

Maintain silence while urinating to protect yourself from negative energy attacks:

The Sanstha has strictly forbidden any kind of singing or talking while you are getting it out of your system. According to them, ” Mouna (A state of being quiet) activates the Madhyama Vani (a mode of speech in which chanting occurs automatically) in an individual, and as a result, one becomes introverted. This also keeps the protective sheath around the physical body active for a longer period. This process protects the individual from negative energy attacks from the atmosphere during a Raja-Tama-predominant activity such as urination and defecation.”

Toilet paper is no t sattvik , water is sattvik :

It goes on to explain why cleansing oneself with water instead of tissue paper is better in spiritual terms.


“Toilet paper is not sattvik . Water is sattvik , and is enriched with sattvikta of the Apatattva (Absolute Water Principle) and Chaitanya (divine consciousness). Using water after defecation helps in rapid destruction of the Raja-Tama particles of the faeces associated with the Pruthvitattva.”

These are probably lavatory hygiene tips followed by every Indian, irrespective of their religion. We will probably never find out the reason for which the Sanstha has particularly classified regular biological activities as a part of Hinduism.