Sycophancy or chamchagiri in Uttar Pradesh hit a new low on Sunday. At the La Martiniere ground in Lucknow, bureaucrats shed all spirit of sportsmanship, just so that they didn’t ‘hurt’ their Chief Minister, reports NDTV

In a friendly T20 cricket match played between the CM XI and UP IAS Officers Association XI, bureaucrats bent over backwards to ensure that their CM, Akhilesh Yadav bagged the man of the match trophy. 

If you want a lesson on ‘how to play with sycophancy’, then this match would serve as the ultimate guide. 

b’Source: Twitter | @ANI_news’

The CM XI went out to bat first and posted a target of 127 runs in 20 overs. 

Throughout the innings, the IAS team ensured that Akhilesh got simple enough deliveries. Taking advantage of this, Akhilesh scored a match-winning 65, including 11 boundaries and six. 

Every bowler seemed to go out of their way to take special care that ‘Akhileshji’ did not get out.

b’Source: Twitter | @ANI_news’

However… one bowler made a cardinal mistake. Akhilesh completely misread a super-slow delivery, played all over it and was bowled. The bowler’s reaction to the CM’s dismissal was epic. He held his head in disappointment and was seen heading back to his mark. 

IAS XI in response, initially posted 124 runs in 18 overs with wickets in hand. Now, they needed to score only four runs in two overs. Obviously, they would’ve won the game right? No! 

The IAS officers were smart and decided not to disappoint their ‘political master’ and scored only two runs as a formality, allowing Akhliesh’s team to romp to an easy victory. 

When they did finally lose, the team of babus were more than elated in finding victory in their defeat. 

Post-victory, Akhilesh took to Twitter and said that it was a ‘tough’ match. 

It was tough indeed. Not for Akhilesh, but for the IAS team who faced a difficult time in ensuring that they don’t accidentally win the match. 

Here’s a video from the epic match you may have missed: 

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