Two days after the first Indian case of coronavirus was confirmed in Delhi, the total number of people who have been tested positive for coronavirus in India rose to 28, today. This includes 15 Italian tourists.

The virus which was first reported in Wuhan City, China has spread globally. Countries across the world are trying to contain the virus from spreading by taking the following measures.

1. US and South Korea cancelled their joint military training exercise.


The two countries cancelled their annual military training exercise after one US soldier stationed in South Korea was tested positive for coronavirus.

2. Saudi Arabia restricted the travel of religious pilgrims into the country.


Saudi Arabia decided to restrict the entry of pilgrims travelling to Mecca and Medina, temporarily. Iran, the second epicenter of the outbreak, is very close to the country and the step has been taken to control the proliferation of the virus.

3. Japan has closed its schools for about a month.

Putting children’s health and safety first, Japanese PM announced that all schools except universities and day care will remain shut from 2nd March.

4. Russia has closed its borders with China.

Russia has closed its 4,200 km long border with China, one of its biggest trade partners. Flights to and from China have also been restricted and no visas are being issued to Chinese nationals.


5. A football league in Italy decided to play behind closed doors.

Italy is Europe’s worst-hit country from the coronavirus. The Italian government has banned all sporting events in certain regions of the country.

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The country’s Serie A football league also confirmed that it will play behind closed doors on the weekend because of the coronavirus outbreak. Only a maximum of 100 people would be given the permission to attend the matches.

6. The Australian government flew its citizens from China to an island and quarantined them in an immigration detention centre for 14 days.

Australia evacuated its citizens trapped in China and flew them to the Christmas Island, 3,000 km away from the mainland.

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7. Indonesia housed all the evacuees from China at a military facility on the northern Natuna Besar island.

The military facility on the island has a hospital where the evacuees will be taken care of and would be kept in isolation for at least 2 weeks.

With regard to India, the government has announced that all passengers flying into India from abroad will be screened. All the public hospitals in Delhi have also been directed to be prepared for more suspected cases.