How Prepared Are You For Life Post The Coronavirus Lockdown? Take This Quiz To Find Out

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Information about coronavirus has been all over from the last few months. We have been reading and watching things about it. Now, as the lockdown is gradually coming to an end and people are returning to their normal lives, you should take this quiz to know how prepared are you.

1. How is COVID-19 transmitted?

2. Which organ in the body does the coronavirus primarily attack?

3. What is an effective way of cleaning your hands?

4. How long can the novel coronavirus survive on surfaces like steel and plastic?

5. What is the best way of staying protected from the virus?

via CDC

6. How long should you wash your hands to kill coronavirus?

7. Should you be wearing a cloth mask when you go out now?

8. Is washing your clothes with detergent and water sufficient?

9. What is the best way to handle delivery or take away?

10. Is it possible to identify people around you with COVID-19?

11. Can you get the virus from food?

12. Which of these is not listed as a symptom of coronavirus by WHO?

13. Do suspected positive patients with mild symptoms need to be hospitalised?

14. Can you get COVID from pets or other animals?

15. Can the virus spread through drinking water?

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