The internet has been tripping over Vijay Mallya for a while now. It was expected as well.

Super rich, super flamboyant, risk-taker — Mallya has been the perfect target. If pictures with models don’t do the trick, then you can always fall back on the many memes that are doing the rounds.

b’Source: Twitter’

So when everyone’s going nuts, you don’t quite expect the big guns to hold back.

Great tweet… funny and totally worthy of a retweet. But that’s not what the Congress thought. So, they quickly found a way to use the tweet without giving any due credit.

b’Source: Twitter’

And if you have been following Srivats’ account for a while, you would know that is not a good idea.

He got back at them with this:

And that my friends is a killer. Let’s see if the Congress can come with an original retort at least.

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