While there have been a lot of instances when people decided to go full retard on the internet, this one surely tops the list of social media escapades gone terribly wrong.

Source: Business Insider

Six HSBC employees in the UK had to lose their jobs when they went too far in their bid to attract eyeballs on the social media. In a seven second video posted on Instagram, five people are seen standing dressed in black and wearing face masks with one man in an orange jumpsuit on his knees.

One of the men holds a coat hanger as a fake knife while another holds the man in orange down by the shoulder. The men are seen chanting slogans in the video and reportedly were also shouting “Allahu Akbar” to imitate the videos of ISIS beheadings posted on the Internet.

Source: The Daily Beast

This video was shot during team building day at an indoor go-karting centre in Birmingham and was soon deleted from Instagram. The video was given to the HSBC authorities by the Sun. A spokesman from HSBC said that this action was abhorrent and such inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.


Ever since the Islamic State took over territory in Iraq and Syria last year, numerous videos of beheadings and executions have flooded the internet. Following the gruesome videos a number of parodies have also gone viral on the social media in the past one year.

While the video in this case did not go viral, losing a job over a mock beheading video is the last thing someone would want in their career.