The coronavirus lockdown has left several people jobless. A few of them became an inspiration for the world with their will, dedication and innovation.

One among them is this couple from Delhi, who started selling Biryani, after the husband lost his job during the lockdown.

Rohit Sardana used to work with a cosmetic company in Delhi. While he was struggling to find a new job, his wife, Rajni thought of starting a new venture to support their family.

Together, they made a small arrangement in their car to sell biryani on the streetside.

Priced affordably, their veg biryani is a hit among people.

Talking to Brut India, Rajni said that she wakes up by 5-5:30 in the morning and takes 4 hours to prepare the biryani.

Netizens are also applauding the couple for being in this together.

You can watch the entire story here.