Maternity photoshoots have become the norm to document beautiful pregnancies around the world. But what happens when a woman can’t make it to her milestone pregnancy shoot? In one such incident, a loving husband decided to replace his wife at her maternity photoshoot because she was placed on bed rest. From posing with his belly to some cute candid shots, he did them all and the results are downright hilarious! 

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When Kelsey got placed on bedrest the week of her maternity pictures she was really disappointed because she was looking forward to having those memories forever.. who wouldn’t be? So when her husband texted me wanting to replace her and surprise her with the pictures how could I say no?! Not only is he hysterical but he was able to turn his wife’s frown upside down and brighten her mood completely! How perfect are these!! 😻🙌🏼💙 You’re more than welcome to share! #itsaboy #maternityphotoshoot #maternityphotography #ellendegeneres #ellen #ellendegeneresshow #waterfallphotos #funnyphotos #funnyphotoshoot #hilarious #pictureoftheday Location: Elkhorn Creek – Frankfort, KY Update: Because Kelsey is my sister and Jared is my brother in law they will of course get some shots before the baby comes, during and after 🥰 So be on the lookout for those!

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The soon-to-be mother, Kelsey was disappointed about being put on bed rest so her husband, Jared decided to put a smile on her face by going ahead with the photo shoot which was planned by Kelsey’s brother, who also happens to be the photographer, Smither. The internet can’t help but adore the photoshoot. 


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