A woman in the UAE has reportedly applied for a divorce from her husband after he tried to stop her from playing PUBG. 


According to Gulf News, the Director of the Social Centre at Ajman Police, Captain Wafa Khalil Al Hosani received a request from a woman in her 20s to divorce her husband as he didn’t allow her to play the game.


The husband claimed that he tried to wean her off the game so she could focus on their family. However, there are also claims that the dispute turned violent. Captain Al Hosani said – 

The woman justified her demand for divorce by saying that she was being deprived of her right to choose her means of entertainment as she derived pleasure and comfort from the game. It was well within limits, she said, adding that she had not activated the chat option where she would be exposed to strangers and was playing the game only with her friends and relatives.

The man however, said that it wasn’t about suppressing her freedom, but a way to keep the family together. He also added that he didn’t expect things would escalate so much.