After a masked mob attacked students and teachers at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi yesterday, 5th January, nationwide student protests have erupted. 

Students are using peaceful methods like poetry to express their anger over the brutal attack. Amidst massive gathering of students at the Gateway of India in Mumbai, an old poem by Hussain Haidry is going viral.

He recited the poem during the protests at the Gateway of India late night on 5th January and it was shared widely on social media as it made so much sense in the current scenario.

His poem compares the system with a lizard which creeps out from behind the huge photo of Gandhiji and keeps roaming in silence.

Khaaki rang deewaro par latakti Gandhiji ki badi si photo ke peeche se dopahri mein ek lambi bhuri si chipkali nikalti hai. Reng kar khaamoshi se ird gird photo ke gasht ye lagati hai.

He further elaborated how the lizard harms any insect that passes by and then pretends as if nothing ever happened.

You can listen to the entire poem here.