An Indian Air Force employee has been dismissed and arrested after allegedly leaking information to Pakistani intelligence agency ISI.

Ranjith KK fell in the trap of a woman on Facebook, who made him leak secret information related to the operation taking place in the Indian Air Force says a report by The Times of India.

The woman based in the United Kingdom had become friends with Ranjith on Facebook three years ago and the relationship turned into an intimate one through constant messaging over WhatsApp and Facebook.

Information related to IAF and TAC-DE (Tactical and Combat Deployment Establishment) in Gwalior, sensitive data on air force exercises, movement of aircraft and deployment of various flying units, was allegedly forwarded to the lady who went by the name Damini McNaught on Twitter and Facebook.

Ranjit was posted in Bathinda and caught by Delhi police  and Military Intelligence while leaking information. He was arrested on Monday. It came to light that he had been under electronic surveillance for some months after his communications between him and his handler was tracked.