Even as efforts to prevent animal cruelty are being stepped up in India and across the world, the case of a stray dog being beaten up and before being tied to a tree in Chandigarh has surfaced. However, thanks to social media, the perpetrators have been traced and booked.

It started a few days ago, when horrifying images of the animal’s ordeal emerged on the social media. 

Here is the post that probably started it all, which has seen more than 11,000 shares. It said the incident happened two months ago, in the sector 48 society of the city.

The incident sparked rage across Chandigarh. Residents voiced their anger on social media, and protests were held across the city. People even took to streets demanding action. 

The video of the incident too was widely circulated on the social media. Here’s the video, but it may be too graphic for some to watch:

On January 30, after the intervention of the Animal Welfare Board, an FIR was filed and the perpetrators were arrested. The accused, VK Bansal, Brajesh Kaushal, Omesh and VP Saini, were booked under the animal cruelty act and later arrested. Following this, an animal rights group Protection and Care for Animals (PACFA) has started a helpline where people can ask for help and report similar incidents.

Now, some activists are in the process of making a film about how to treat stray animals in one’s surroundings.