In a first, the Army has proposed to take civilians for a 3- year ‘Tour of Duty’ (ToD) or ‘three-year short service’ on a trial basis to serve in the force as both officers and other ranks initially. These vacancies will be limited for the time being.   

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According to reports, this will be a voluntary programme for youths who do not want to make defence service their permanent occupation. This will be a good scheme to experience the thrill and adventure of military professionalism. The statement mentioned, 

The proposal is a shift from the concept of permanent service/job in the Armed Forces, towards ‘internship’/temporary experience for three years. Unemployment in our country is a reality, however there is resurgence of nationalism and patriotism 
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The statement also cited that there is a resurgence of nationalism and patriotism among people in the country. Since unemployment in the country is a reality, this shift from permanency to temporary will be more of an internship.  

However, an army spokesperson confirmed that the entry criteria for such candidates will not be relaxed. He also mentioned this proposal is still under consideration.   

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According to The Hindu, one of the main advantages of this scheme is that individuals who opted for this will get a much higher salary than their peers on an average who started a career in the corporate sector. 

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This will also bring in savings from salaries and pensions and decrease frustration among officers who in their mid-30s have been released from service. 

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