The Indian Army has been known for securing our borders and they've built a reputation for being the best in what they do for the love of the country. 

Going a step further, their ingenious work in Guwahati will surely make you stand up and applaud. 

Indian army
Source: Economic Times

Where discarding plastic waste has been a menace for the entire country, the army went a step ahead to make use of all the plastic mess to build something creative. 

And by army standards, the creativity meant building an entire road from plastic waste. 

Utilizing over 1.2 metric tons of plastic as partial substitute to bitumen, Indian Army's Military Engineer Services undertook a project to construct an entire road in the largest city of Assam. 

Indian army making road in Guwahati

Quoting a government report from last year, Union Minister of State for the environment ministry, Babul Supriyo said:

The production of plastic in India increased from 1,591 million metric tonnes in 2014-15 to 1,719 million metric tonnes in 2017-18. However, the production for 2018-19 is 1,589 million metric tonnes. 
Indian army making road in Guwahati
Source: Guwahati Plus

Interestingly, researchers discovered two strains of 'plastic-eating' bacteria from the wetlands of Greater Noida in search of an eco-friendly method to dispose off garbage at a large scale. 

Twitter was buzzing after they learned about this wonderful initiative by the army. 

Possibly the start of something new to reduce the amount of plastic we have on this planet.