Indian TV news channels have reached a point where the Rwanda Radio is the only low they can go from here. There have been stories of aliens and mermaid before on Indian news but what you’re about to see is so real, that you hope it wasn’t!

1. One of Arnab’s many rants came when swarms of locusts were heading towards India. He made an entire show, maybe more on the conspiracy theory that Pakistan had trained the locusts to attack India. 

The Logical Indian

2. That one time when a Times Now anchor told the whole country the meaning of ‘Imma Bounce’ was a bounced cheque!

3. After India’s GDP for Q1 of 2020 went down by 23.9%, an expert on Navika Kumar’s panel asked her to talk about the subject at hand but she shut him down saying that Rhea Chakraborty’s ‘lies’ were the biggest concern of the nation. 

4. Her esteemed colleague, Rahul Shivshankar wasn’t far behind either. He shut down a panelist talking about the collapsed economy by asking him not to waste the nation’s time. 

5. Zee News anchor Sudhir Chaudhary, in a show, following demonetisation went on air and boldly claimed that the new Rs 2000 notes would have ‘state of the art nano-chip’ in them to stop corruption. 

6. Aaj Tak anchor Sweta Singh also seemed to have been drinking the same mead. She did an explainer video about how the nano-chip in the new notes would send signals to satelites in outer spaces and hence the notes would no longer remain hidden. 

7. Times Now anchors Navika Kumar and Rahul Shivshankar were at it again on this day when they read out 30 names of the Chinese soldiers that had died at the hands of the Indian armed forces. Plot Twist: They were reading a Whatsapp forward!

8. ABP News once did a programme which asked the simple question- ‘Why didn’t Yogi’s hair never grow’? To answer this, this dedicated an entire segment to his barber talking about his haircut!

9. And of course, the one time Deepak Chaurasia went somewhere where no journalist had ever been before- the moon. 

Don’t even ask!


10. Remember that Akshay Kumar meme, where he says ’50 rupaye kaat over acting ka’? YUP!

11. And of course, we had to end with Times Now. After months of media trial, Times Now did another asking people who cried murder in the SSR case and ‘maligned Mumbai Police’ to apologise!

Of course, the alien and mermaid stories haven’t been mentioned here because at least nobody believed that crap.