Whether you get enough time to sleep or struggle for a few extra hours every day, nobody in their right sense would ever say no to more nap time. 

But what if someone will pay you money to sleep for 9 hours straight? 

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If you are thinking that’s never going to happen in India, think again. 

According to Business Insider, a startup is paying ₹1 lakh, asking candidates to sleep for 9 hours a day for 100 days. 

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Wakefit.co is offering sleep internships to people who are interested in sleeping without having any distraction or disturbance. 

The only rule – the candidates won’t be allowed to use laptops during the working, er, sleeping hours. 


Wondering how to get selected for this internship? 

You will have to convince the company about your true love for sleep. 

The Director & Co-Founder of Wakefit, Chaitanya Ramalingegowda explains: 

We are looking to recruit the best sleepers in the country who are willing to go any lengths to make a sleep priority in their lives. The Sleep Internship initiative aims bringing back focus on sleep health by celebrating and applauding people who obsess with sleeping well. 
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Through the initiative, Wakefit will monitor one’s sleep pattern on the mattresses the company has manufactured. 

This will be followed by counselling sessions and a sleep tracker will monitor patterns before and after the candidates go to sleep. 

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Once the company collects the entire data for a candidate, he/she will be paid a stipend of ₹1 lakh. So what are you waiting for? Time to sleep and get rich.