The cricketing rivalry between India and Pakistan is known to be one of the fiercest sporting rivalries in the world, and as the two nations are gearing up for another epic clash in the T20 Cricket World Cup, many fans are swapping team colours on Facebook for bringing people together.

When Facebook introduced a filter for cricket fans to put their favourite team’s flag on their profile picture during the T20 World Cup, little did anyone know that Facebook users across borders will turn them into an instrument of peace and harmony under #ProfilesForPeace. 

The phenomenon surprised Mark Zuckerberg who shared his admiration for the initiative in a Facebook post, and wrote that this action shows how being more connected makes people realise that the things that unite us are more important than those that divide us. 

As Indian and Pakistani fans are defying hatred by showing love on their Facebook profiles, it comes as a welcome step in times when cricket fans have faced trouble for supporting their favourite team or players.