People are apprehensive about going back to work after the lockdown ends and it’s not me who is saying this, a new survey conducted by MindMap Advance Research reveals so.

According to the survey, 93% employees in India are anxious about returning back to work after the lockdown ends and nearly 85% employees hope that their office space will be sanitised before they get back to work.  

The survey was conducted with 560 India Inc. employees from all walks of life. Employees from small, medium and large enterprises from major cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru participated in the survey.

85% employees who took part in the survey were males and the rest 15% were females. The data further reveals that 59% employees were concerned about their health, 25% were tensed about their financial situation while 16% feared that this crisis would last a longer period, which could ultimately lead to stress.

As per the data, 99% employees also said that they would like to see a system of Corporate Health Responsibility (CHR) that should be made mandatory for all employers, which means they want comapnies to make their health a priority.

However, the survey also revealed that employees were ready to cooperate. 96% employees said they would comply with the rules and follow health guidelines despite the inconvenience it might cause. 

But while, 81% employees were ready to resume work in batches, 73% employees said they would like to continue the ongoing work from home process. 

Tell us, do you want to go back to work or do you want to continue WFH?