The violence in the north and north-east parts of Delhi has been horrifying to say the least. There's been a high number of casualties, a huge number of injured (including children), and disturbing visuals of goons desecrating a masjid. All of this also seems to be happening under the nose of the Delhi Police, who have been caught on multiple videos helping stone pelters and rioters wreak havoc.

Considering US President Trump was also in the city as this was all playing out, the issue appears to have received slightly more international coverage than usual.

Source: NY Times

The Guardian reported that as the violence was raging, Modi assured Trump that he was 'working hard on religious freedom'. 

However, they did not discuss the violence in specifics, as Trump claimed he did not want to discuss 'individual cases'. Trump also added,

I had a very powerful answer from PM Modi. He told me that they are working very closely with minorities in India. PM Modi said that there are 200 million Muslims in India, and that his government is working closely with the minorities.
Source: The Guardian

The New York Times reported on how Trump and Modi went about their official business seemingly unaffected by the widespread killing of minorities being carried out just next door.

The Times also elaborated on the irony of Modi making religious commitments from the safety and comfort of his office. The article said,

As President Trump toured India’s capital, at least 11 people were killed in mob violence that upended a working-class neighborhood.
Source: NY Times

Another article by The New York Times further added to the adoration Trump has for Modi, which has seen him ignore the last few months of protests against discrimination that have rocked the country. 

We did talk about religious freedom, and I will say that the prime minister was incredible on what he told me. He wants people to have religious freedom, and very strongly. They have really worked hard on religious freedom. We talked about it for a long time and I really believe that’s what he wants.
Source: NY Times

The Washington Post emphasised the extent of the violence in Delhi and its communal nature, while also talking about how Trump refused to criticise Modi.

This, despite the ruling party's seemingly Hindu-first policy, and party members like Kapil Mishra making incendiary statements that have riled up mobs to target Muslims. 

Source: Washington Post

BBC also reported that at least 20 people have been killed in the clashes, which saw the burning of Muslim homes and places of work, with the police claiming they cannot intervene.

The BBC said that while fresh clashes have not been reported as of the time of writing this, the city still continues to simmer and the people are on edge.

Source: BBC

MSNBC's Chris Hayles launched a scathing attack on Modi, comparing the situation in Delhi to the 2002 Gujarat pogrom. He also reminded viewers that Modi was banned from the US for his part in the riots.

Hayles mocked the fact that Modi assured Trump about religious freedom in India, even as groups of Hindu men arms with rods and guns ravaged Muslim neighbourhoods.

Even Hollywood actor John Cusack tweeted to condemn the violence being unleashed in Delhi. He shared a video of a man being dragged, 

Source: Twitter

The deadly unrest rocking the capital has seen hundreds hospitalised, and a complete breakdown of law and order. There is an immediate need for control of the situation, and even the international community seems to be bringing attention to it.