The Mars Orbiter Mission of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) delivered new set of images on Saturday, August 15, which were captured from Mars’ colour camera over Ophir Chasma.

“Ophir Chasma is part of the largest canyon system in the solar system known as vallesmarineris. The walls of the chasma contain many layers and the floors contain large deposits of layered materials,” quoted ISRO.

A report of Business Standard mentions, that the word chasma, was delegated by the International Astronomical Union to refer to an elongated steep-sided hole depression.


It also mentioned that at an altitude of 1857 km with a resolution of 96m, the pictures were clicked on July 19.

An NBC report mentions that the scientists at the ISRO had reconstructed the image to give a good view of what it might look like from nearby.

ISRO, with it’s various projects like Mangalyaan MAST have made the nation proud. The arrival of the images on August 15, acted like the best gift (till now) given to India on her day of independence.