2016 has been a strange year. Strange things are happening around the world. Corrupt billionaires in India have suddenly had a lot of their money devalued. And people in the UK are angry about the shape of their favourite chocolate changing. The world suddenly feels very unfamiliar and strange.

Japan, however, is still being Japan. Just last Tuesday, a large sinkhole opened up in a street at Fukuoka. The huge sinkhole, almost half the size of an Olympic swimming pool, developed near the JR Hakata Station in central Fukuoka.


The hole, 30 meters long, 27 meters wide and 15 meters deep caused disruptions in power, water and gas supply in some parts of the city.  

When faced with an infrastructural problem this large, people usually assume it will take at least a few weeks before the government swoops in to repair it. Not the government in Japan, though. 

They got it repaired within 48 hours. Just 2 days!


Yeah, we didn’t believe it either. But these Japanese people are quick. 

According to Japan Times, people worked round the clock and filled the huge pit with 6200 cubic meters of sand and cement. 

And earlier today, the road opened to traffic again. And it’s even better than before.

Fukuoka Mayor Soichiro Takashima, who apologized to the public for this inconvenience, said that the road is now 30 times as stronger as it was before. 

Well, we’ve got nothing to say, Japan!