Italy’s battle against coronavirus is far from over, with the number of deaths in the country surpassing even that of China, where the outbreak started.

And at the centre of it are doctors, who are working day in and day out, to keep as many people alive as possible.


One such doctor, Marcello Natali, passed away yesterday after working on patients without gloves.

He was working in Codogno, a suburb of Milan and one of the worst-hit areas in the country. After days and days of patients pouring in, the hospital ran out of gloves. 


However, dedicated to serve people, he went on doing his job. Ultimately, he caught the virus and passed away.

He had exposed the shortage of supplies around a week ago in a TV interview, where he had also said: 

We certainly weren’t prepared to face such a situation. Especially those of our generation, that of the post-antibiotic era, who grew up thinking that a pill against the disease was enough.

How will we ever be able to pay the debt we owe to doctors?