Climate change is a very real problem that affects the world at large. And in light of the current situation, the Italian government decided to introduce climate change as a compulsory subject in schools. 

Italian students protest climate change
Source: thelocal

As per reports, from next year, Italy will become the first country to introduce courses on climate change and sustainable development in all public schools. 

Italian Public School
Source: italymagazine

Meanwhile, Indian politicians still believe that holding a 'havan' would be the ideal way to combat air pollution. 

In fact, an Indian minister also believed that Delhi's toxic air pollution was because China and Pakistan released poisonous gas. And not because of any harmful practices were undertaken by Indians. 

UP Leader BJP
Source: India Today

The Italian Education Minister Lorenzo Fioramonti also commented on the importance of modifying the education system. 

I want to make the Italian education system the first education system that puts the environment and society at the core of everything we learn in school.
Italian Education Minister
Source: Washington Post

Indian ministers, on the other hand, got frogs married and divorced to control rains. Because that's the way to grow in a sustainable manner. 

Frogs married for rains
Source: India Today

All comparisons aside, it's obvious that it is important to develop measures to counter climate change and work towards sustainable development. And teaching children about environmental issues, at a young age, is a definite step in the right direction. 

It's time India takes more than just pasta lessons from Italy.