On Tuesday, April 28, The Indian Express put out an ad by Supreme Court Lawyer and former Law Minister Ram Jethmalani.

The advertisement was an article written by Jethmalani. It reflected his posts on Twitter and Facebook about allegations against the BJP and in particular the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. He questioned the BJP’s resolve to bring ‘black money’ back to the country and posed 12 questions to Jaitley asking him to explain his stand on the issue.

In the article he also took pot shots at Jaitley’s apparent proximity to Congressman P Chidambaram and media conglomerate NDTV.

Speaking to The News Minute , Jethmalani said the piece wasn’t intended to be published in the Indian Express, he was forced to send it there after another publication refused to carry it.

The News Minute

He also suggested that this was due to intervention by Jaitley, claiming, “this time the finance minister has played some mischief”.

According to the official rate card for advertisements in this publication, it is estimated that Jethmalani coughed up Rs. 94,000 for the ad.

His resolve must have been extremely strong if he was willing to spend close to a lakh rupees.

The ad summarises the 91-year-old’s long battle to bring back what he estimates is Rs. 90 lakh crore, or $1500 billion, of illegally parked funds back to India . Jethmalani supported Modi and the BJP during their campaign as Modi had taken up the issue in a big way. But he has since withdrawn that support, due to the Prime Minister’s, “studied silence” on the issue.

In the 12 questions posed to the Finance Minister, Jethmalani asked whether he supported Amit Shah’s statement – that the promise of repatriation of black money was a mere elecion “jumla” (a deliberate exaggeration).

In his article he claimed this confession and the fact that no BJP member had disowned it, was enough of an intentional fraud on the nation.

In his other questions he asks Jaitley how carefully he read the Supreme Court’s judgement of July 4, 2011 in what has come to be called the “Black Money” case. He also asked him to admit that all he has done since taking this post is enter Amended Double Taxation Treaties.

In his Facebook post, Jethmalani says that his “contempt for this unpardonable betrayal” by the government in pursuing the issue has led to his frustration and subsequent outburst.

My battle arises out of a moral compulsion, and I believe it would be a betrayal of the Indian nation if I do not persist with it, even though it has become more and more a lone battle ,” the ad article reads.

You can read the full text here .

Feature image source: The Hindu