Parts of Kashmir have been witnessing heavy snowfall recently. Several areas of the state have been disconnected from the mainland owing to heavy snow.

Amid this, a video of the ‘Khariyat’ team of the Indian army carrying a pregnant woman in waist-deep snow is going viral on the Internet.

The video that was posted by Chinar Corps of Indian Army shows hundreds of army personnel and some civilians carrying a pregnant woman on a stretcher, walking through deep snow.


According to sources, the team received a call on Tuesday, 14th January from Riyaz Mir, a resident of Dard Pora village near Baramulla in north Kashmir. He informed the team that his wife was in labour and the family was unable to take her to hospital because of heavy snowfall.

On learning this, the base commander located at Uplona village trekked nearly 5km along with a resident medical officer to reach the family and mobilised the entire unit of Indian army present there.


Over 100 personnel from the army and 25 civilians immediately swung into action and carried the woman on a stretcher to Uplona through waist-deep snow for 4 hours. On reaching Uplona, the woman was taken to the Baramullah hospital by an Army ambulance, where she delivered the baby.

Netizens are lauding Indian army for their successful rescue operation.

Several other teams of Indian army are also active in other parts of the state rescuing the civilians amid heavy snowfall.