This lockdown has been really challenging for those who are working on the field round the clock. Besides, healthcare workers, police, civic workers, these also include, journalists and TV reporters who are leaving no stone unturned in covering the crisis.

While their job is just to report and tell us the truth, some of them are also going beyond their duty and helping those in need.

1. A BBC journalist not only gave his shoes to a migrant worker walking barefoot, but also managed to arrange shelter for a few of them with the help of police.

Salman Ravi was speaking to a few migrant workers who had reached Delhi from Ambala and were on their way to MP. He saw one of them walking barefoot with a child in his arms. When he got to know that the worker's slippers had broken, he offered his shoes.

Later, he also managed to get the group of migrant workers into a shelter with the help of local police.

2. A local news reporter reached out to the 12-year-old Bareilly boy who was thrashed by cops for selling vegetables.

Recently, a 12-year-old boy from Bareilly was thrashed by cops while he was selling fruits and vegetables. The kid was looking after his father's cart in his absence.

In a heartwarming gesture, Ajay Kashyap, a reporter from BSTV, reached out to this kid with cakes and chocolates, to cheer him up.

3. Ravi Mishra, a journalist & researcher, is helping those worst hit by COVID-19 lockdown in & around Bhopal with groceries.

Initially he was doing this work with his own money. But now as he reaches out to more people, he is in need of more funds. You can contact him on Instagram and Twitter and contribute to the campaign.

4. Ashwini M Sripad, a journalist with The New Indian Express, is helping farmers in distress to sell their produce during lockdown.

Hats off to these people working on the ground level and bringing to us stories of struggle, hope and humanity.