Since becoming the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau has always been in the news only for the right reasons.  And he’s just done it again. 

On International Women’s Day, Trudeau announced that Canada will use a woman’s image on it’s next batch of currency and Canadians will have a chance to weigh in on who gets the honour.

The new bank note will be released in 2018. Anyone will be able to nominate a choice for the distinction through the Bank of Canada’s website. The nominee has to be a Canadian citizen who passed away nearly 25 years ago. The nominations will close on April 15. 

Canadian $20 bill currently features Queen Elizabeth though she is not Canadian. The last series of $50 bank notes included images of five well known Canadian women, but they substituted it with the image of an ice breaker, The Washington Post reported. 

Earlier on, a petitioner had urged the country’s banks to feature women from Canadian history on bank notes, that petition had received 73,000 signatures till date.