In a series of incidents when Aadhaar has been the reason for denial of basic rights, one more shocking case from Haryana has come to light.

A 55-year-old woman was allegedly denied treatment by a hospital in Haryana after she and her son could not furnish her Aadhaar card. The son claims, according to an ANI report that the hospital refused to treat her without an Aadhaar card. 


According to reports, the woman was identified as Shakuntala Devi, wife of Havaldar Laxman Dass who was posted with the 8th Jat Regiment in Muskoh valley near Kargil. He died of bullet injuries during a gun battle with intruders on June 9, 1999.

The woman who was in a serious condition was rushed to an ECHS hospital for treatment. Later she was referred to the Tulip Hospital.

Shankuntala Devi’s son, Pavan Kumar Balyan, told TOI that the hospital authorities denied the treatment in the absence of the original document.

The Tulip Hospital, however, has denied the allegations. Dr. Abhimanyu Kumar from the hospital admitted that they insisted on the Aadhaar card, but refuted the allegations that they denied treatment.

He also said, “Aadhaar is mandatory, not for treatment, but for documentation process.”

The Haryana CM has ordered an inquiry into the matter.