Richard Tong’i, a Kenyan national and an MP from the Kenyan constituency of Nyaribari Chache returned to India after 30 years, to finish an important task. 

Richard was a college student at a local college in Aurangabad from 1985 to 89. When he left the country to go back to his homeland, he owed a debt of Rs 200 to SK Gawli, who used to run a grocery shop in the Wankhedenagar locality where Richard stayed.

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Gawli’s happiness and excitement knew no bounds, when Richard returned to repay the debt. “I could not believe my eyes,” he said.

The two shared an emotional moment on reconciliation. Richard, who was in tears on meeting an old friend, talked about how Gawli helped him out when he was in a tight spot. 

As a student in Aurangabad, I was at my lowest point, when these people helped me. Then I thought that some day, I will come back and (re)pay. I want to say thank you. God bless the old man and his children. They were wonderful to me. They wanted to take me to a hotel for meal but I insisted that we should eat in their house.
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Before Richard left for Kenya, he invited Gawli and his family to visit him in his homeland.