This year, India saw the worst migrant crisis ever. Migrant workers across the country were forced to flee cities and faced immense hardships with no means of livelihood.

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Their stories not only broke our hearts but also reminded us of the harsh inequality and class divide that exists in India.

As things return to normal and we near festivities, a Durga Puja club in Kolkata has decided to replace the traditional idol of Durga with a statue of a migrant worker and mother with her child.

We have seen so many such instances of migrant workers carrying their children and walking hundreds of miles back to their homes during the lockdown.

The Barisha Club in the city’s Behala area has selected ‘Relief’ as its theme for celebrations, this year. They want to salute the migrant workers, especially women who fought against all odds.

Along with the main idol, two other idols will be installed showing the migrant worker’s daughters walking right behind her. One will be carrying an owl and the other a duck. A fourth sibling will also be seen who will have a head of an elephant, representing Ganesha. Together, all of them will be seen walking towards an image of Goddess Durga with 10 hands.

The design is the idea of an artist Rintu Das. Speaking to the Telegraph, he said:

The goddess is the woman who braved the scorching sun and hunger and penury along with her children. She is looking for food, water, and some relief for her children. Durga Puja was still months away. But the indomitable spirit of women walking home with children overwhelmed me. In my mind, they embodied the goddess.

According to reports, this year, the idol won’t have any weapons and the demon will be hunger.

The idea is already sending out a strong message to the community.

It’s great to see that people will worship the indomitable spirit of real women, this year.