Instances of people going out of the way to help those in need during these tough times show that humanity isn’t dead. Another such event occurred in Jharkhand. 

On June 14th, a woman police official by the name of Sushila Badaik arranged milk for a hungry child travelling on the Shramik Special train with its parents. 

These passengers were travelling from Bengaluru to Gorakhpur with their four-month-old son. As the train stopped at the Hatia station in Jharkhand, the mother of the child asked the police official on duty, ASI Sushila Badaik if she can arrange some milk for the hungry child. 

Badaik, who lived nearby went to her house on her two-wheeler, got a bottle of warm milk and handed it over to the woman who was returning to her home in Bihar. 

Netizens also lauded her. 

In times like these, noble gestures like that of ASI Sushila Badaik gives us hope.