Over the last few days, I have heard many people say that it sucks to be stuck with their families during the lockdown and that just breaks my heart. 

Because I would do every thing to be with mine.

being with family during lockdown
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This doesn't mean I don't understand where everyone is coming from. I get it. 

I get that people are set in their ways and going back home means you have to change your routine and habits. 

Which is a big ask when mental health is already tossed out of the window because of all that's happening in the world.

family during the lockdown
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However, as a person who has been living alone for almost 2 months now, I can assure that you're are in a better position living with your family.

Because trust me, no matter how much you enjoy being alone, it gets too much at times. 

stressed person during the lockdown
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When the days begin merging into one another, you need someone to remind you what makes them different.

When getting up from the bed becomes tough, you need someone to give you that push.

When looking after yourself seems futile, you need someone to scold you into doing that.

Living with family
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Yes, it's great wearing whatever you want and following your own schedule. 

It's great not having to follow any rules.

living how you want to
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But every once in a while, you read something incredibly sad, and at that moment there is nothing you want to do more than hold your parents.

Every once in a while, the gravity of the situation sinks in and you realise you'd just want to see your family once.

Because God knows how long it will take for things to go back to normal. 

And what the new 'normal' will even be!

being alone during the lockdown
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Their nagging, scolding, irrationality - it is annoying sometimes, I won't deny that. 

However, you realise the importance of certain things only when you are deprived of them. Like a hug, a smile and reassurance.

So hang in there with your family and appreciate what you have. Some people would trade every thing to be in your position.