Remember how, on your last vacation, friends kept telling you to extend it by 2 days? And you were like no, kharcha bohot hai.

Ab kya ho raha hai uss paise ka?

By you I mean me.

I keep dreaming about the last time I went for a holiday and that, if I had known we will be stuck inside our homes for this long, I would have enjoyed it more. 

I would have gone to that expensive cafe. 

I would have booked the best hotel.

And I would have invited all my friends (I only have 3, but whatever).

But one realises these things in retrospect. Tab humein kahan pata tha ye haal ho jaayega?

In that trip only I should have lived my life.

Because now I regret not socialising enough and wearing the same clothes on the 3rd and the 4th day.

Also not trying the dish that the restaurant manager suggested because it sounded strange.

Ab roz baith ke lauki kha rahi hun.

I feel I was very lazy too. I didn’t get up to watch the sunrise, I didn’t go for a trek.

Sunrise honestly I still won’t be able to do because I sleep 14 hours every day. 

But trek toh kar leti. Half-way jaake laut aate.

Bhaav bhi zyaada kha liya thoda. 

The guy I was seeing then said he could also come but I was like ‘no, I need me time’. 

Uss me time ka ab achaar ban raha hai. Every day.

The way this lockdown keeps extending, I don’t think any of us is going beyond our neighbourhood grocery stores for a while. 

Which makes the old times seem way better than they were.

The sound of the ocean.

The chilly mornings of hills.

The beer in shacks. 

The coffee against mountains for Instagram.

You know, stuff like that, but I suppose we are stuck here for good.

Anyway, hoping things get better soon, iss baar Goa hoke rahega.