If you’re lucky enough and the sky isn’t covered with clouds, you may get a chance to look at ‘strawberry moon’ tonight because of the penumbral lunar eclipse.

Penumbra means ‘partially shaded outer region of the shadow cast by an opaque object’.

So this eclipse will be different from total eclipse, in that the moon will still be visible but shades darker.

Which basically makes it the ‘strawberry moon’.

However, the colour would not exactly be that of a strawberry, because this name comes from farmers who gave it that term because of the strawberry harvesting season. They did so to keep a track of the lunar cycle.

The eclipse will start in India on the intervening night of June 5, today, and June 6. 

You can catch it from 11:15 PM to 2:34 AM, but it will be in its prime at 12:54 AM.

Happy moon watching.