Love is all we need!

Falling in love is magical, and if it is at first sight, then there's a different charm to it. You don't know what follows but that momentary spark is all you need sometimes. And it's not just people, sometimes you fall in love with things, like that designer dress you've had your eyes stuck to or a serene location that stirs your soul, or even maybe a website that feels like your own walk-in closet.  

So when I saw #LoveAtFirstCLiQ trending, I followed the trend to find out that celebrities had changed a letter in their name because they had fallen in love with the shopping experience on Tata CLiQ. I knew that I had to check the e-commerce app immediately. And, I would not lie to you, but I fell in love with Tata CLiQ right on my first click too. It's like a one-stop shop for all the things I put down on my shopping list for the month - that too all curated brands that were giving me the option of buying online and picking up at the store! From the variety of products to the delivery options, everything had me smitten!  

But what got me there were these celebs changing their name on Twitter and Instagram!

Radhika Apte, Kalki Koechlin and Shikhar Dhawan replaced the letter 'K' in their names with 'Q' while sharing their #LoveAtFirstCLiQ stories. They shared a video narrating what made them fall in love with Tata CLiQ from the first time they landed on the page. And changing their official social media handles is just a token of their love. 

Are you curious about the celebs' #LoveAtFirstCLiQ stories? I have got you covered buddy! 

I mean if you get to know about the ease of shopping with amazing user benefits Tata CLiQ offers, you will be hooked too, and believe you me, you will fall in #LoveAtFirstCLiQ as well. 

No? Well, Tata CLiQ is here to change that notion. 

No more filters, 'cause Tata CLiQ knows exactly what you need...

If you are one of those who spends half the time filtering the products to suit your whims, then I have good news for you. Tata CLiQ has an exclusive range of products curated to suit every users' taste. Such a saving grace, right?

When genuine products are not a concern... 

Whenever I'm shopping online, I always have this one concern - about the quality of the products, because you can't touch and feel it. But then Tata CLiQ has changed my perception forever. They assure 100% genuine quality products that are shipped directly from the brands.  

And, if you are wondering how do you test the quality, here's an incentive...

I am always impatient about the delivery of the products and keep looking at my phone for the updates. But Tata CLiQ has that sorted too. You can pick your selected products on the same day of order from their partner stores. That way you can check on the quality of the products too, right? *Winks*

And just in case you have some doubts, you could always connect with them, anytime of the day...

Tata CLiQ will not make you wait when it comes to assistance. Their 'easy assist' feature ensures a customer service executive at the other end of the phone 24X7, waiting to address all your concerns. Now that's the ease of shopping I would love to have! From size issues to delivery options, easy assist will guide you through all the nitty-gritty to let you shop in peace. 

Click here to fall in #LoveAtFirstCLiQ, and spread the love, 'cause sometimes all you need is love!