The status of cannabis in India has been a topic of controversy for some time now. Youngsters get busted with joints constantly, but then bhaang is sold openly on Holi. Shiva devotees smoke it all day, but cops cut down swathes of the plant in other parts of the country. It's super confusing. 

So when ANI tweeted this, people were just like 'what the fuck?'

Since when does Madhya Pradesh have cannabis shops? Are there actually stores selling that homegrown, sticky icky, wacky tobaccy, right here?

Going by the replies, people had the same question.

To clear the air - Madhya Pradesh is not our answer to Amsterdam. They have legal bhaang shops, also known as bhaang thekas, similar to the ones you see in Varanasi.

These are shops where you can legally purchase bhaang items such as thandai, golas, and the like. They have been present in Madhya Pradesh for some time.

Source: Vice

So there you go - bhaang is back on the menu in MP.