In order to avoid crowding outside liquor shops, the government of Maharashtra has allowed home delivery of liquor. 

However, certain guidelines and precautions need to be followed while conducting delivery amid the ongoing lockdown. 


The guidelines states that home delivery should be carried out by shop owners to only those who have a permit, during specified hours. 

Also, the owner of the liquor shop must ensure that the person who is assigned for home delivery must use a mask and hand sanitizer at frequent intervals. 

But know that, this is not applicable in Mumbai and urban Thane, where sale of liquor is not allowed. Though, alcohol will be avaiable along the Mumbai-Nashik Highway and also in Palghar. 

The state excise department further said that e-token systems have also started in Pune city to avoid crowding at liquor stores and the same will soon be replicated in Mumbai as well. 

Under the new system, a person can apply for a token online and then go to the shop to buy liquor.

So far, more than 25,000 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Maharashtra.