Suresh Lad, the Nationalist Congress Party MLA from Karjat, is in trouble after he grabbed a deputy collector by his collar and slapped him in full public view on Thursday. 

Turns out the MLA was upset with the purchase of his farmland by the government and decided to show off his influence by slapping the bureaucrat. 

Watch the video below:

Deputy Collector Abhay Kalgudkar had called a meeting in his office in Raigad to settle disputes between the government and and farmers over the purchase of farm land for an oil pipeline, reports NDTV.

Lad himself is an owner of a farm land which was purchased by the government for this purpose and he accompanied a group of farmers to discuss the issue of compensation. 

As per the NDTV report, the brawl occurred after several farmers raised objections over the compensation being offered being too little. And Lad went one step further and attacked the bureaucrat. 

The bureaucrat who was at the receiving end of the lawmaker’s boorish behaviour has not filed a complaint yet. 

But as if the incident wasn’t enough, the NCP MLA then had the audacity to call a press conference and deny the entire incident despite it being caught on camera.

(Feature image source: videograb from the clip)