Mahesh Murthy’s Twitter profile describes him as an ‘Investor in startups, advisor to brands. Board director, corporate speaker, traveler. Dad to 3 brats’ but he has often shown himself to be be a man who is unafraid to speak his mind — whether it is about net neutrality or the BJP’s latest Bihar debacle. In an open letter, posted on his Facebook page , Murthy brutally dissects the reasons from the BJP defeat even as the leaders of the party chose not to blame anyone in particular.

He starts off by saying that India voted Modi and BJP into power because they wanted a better economy but so far, reforms haven’t happened, the logjams remain in place, corruption still exists and the black money promises have largely proven to be a joke.More galling, in Murthy’s eyes, is the agenda that the BJP has instead chosen to follow

“Instead of focusing on these and working on your mandate, you veered off in two completely different directions: one: following an agenda that you were NOT voted in for: banning beef, having pure veg days, shutting down international NGOs, hindu-fying history and literature and generally doing the bidding of your foster home, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh : RSS to turn India into a Hindu nation. As you’ve seen most Hindus also don’t want to turn India into a Hindu nation. None of these actions of yours had any electoral legitimacy – yet you did the bidding of your trainers at RSS. You’ve learnt now that the people voted in the BJP and not the RSS. Keep that in mind.” And that wasn’t it. Murthy’s also passes a quick comment on the centralization of all decisions being taken by the government.

“Your curious desire to position yourself as some international statesman of stature, out-doing Nehru, and spending more time visiting places outside India than being in India itself. This has led to all decisions being centralised within the PMO and seemingly none being taken by you – it was strange to see that even your defence minister didn’t know what the original OROP declaration was going to be: he merely read out what your little boffins in the PMO sent him,” writes Murthy. “And it’s also led to you deliberately ignoring all kinds of anti-Muslim malfeasance – whether it was your deliberate non-condemning of the Dadra Mutton Murder, or it was your deliberate looking-the-other-way when orange-clad swami-type idiots in your party make ridiculous statements about Shah Rukh Khan going to Pakistan, or when another Hindutva-vaadi idiot is forced down the throats of students at FTII, or when the national Academy doesn’t have the testicles to condemn intolerance. Your looking-the-other-way is now obvious to people. You can very clearly now see that it is not expected of you.” Finally, Murthy also wonders whether Modi really thinks we will vote him and the BJP back into power based on what he has managed do with his time at the Centre so far.

“So you want a second term as PM? Here’s what you need to do. Ditch the RSS. Yes, they might have been your spiritual home for ages – but the buggers are screwing up India and nobody likes them anyway – plus they cost you a huge chunk of votes – your national vote share in 2013 was 31%, and it’s dropped to 24% in Bihar – you’ve lost a quarter of your earlier fan base already in 18 months. Ditch the anti-Muslim, anti-Pakistan rhetoric. We want a country where religion doesn’t matter. And we want to grow bigger, not fight wars.”

All points that every sane India would have loved to make. There are certain things that are so obvious that it is amazing that the BJP and Modi can’t see for themselves. The defeat in Bihar should have hopefully opened their eyes to an India that has moved beyond the politics of hate.

Given that they were voted to power with a huge majority, they still can set themselves back on the right path; the one that will lead them and India to greater glory. You can read Mahesh Murthy’s entire Facebook post HERE .