Trinamool Congress lawmaker Mahua Moitra, who has made headlines earlier for her hard-hitting speeches calling out the opposition, is back in the news. During the debate on the Motion of Thanks to the President’s address in the Lok Sabha, Moitra decried the methodology of the BJP.

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She said the BJP betrayed the very people who voted for them. According to her, these people set aside their reservations and chose to believe in ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas‘. 

She also said that none of these people wanted to be a part of the us vs. them debate, and reinforced the fact by invoking the massive anti-CAA protests across the country.

Do not go beyond the tenets of democracy. Today, I rise to speak of betrayal and this betrayal is not just for myself. I was not part of the 31 per cent who voted for you in 2014 and 37 per cent who voted for you in 2019. This is not about people like me. I was sceptical about you, your ideology, your rhetoric right from the word go. In a sense, you owe me little. The truth is you have betrayed the very citizen who did vote for you.

She also said that the policies of the BJP have led to massive suffering and difficulty.

You have betrayed the young voters looking forward to their first job. You have betrayed small businessmen by your decision of demonetisation killing his market. You betrayed thousands of tribal people in Gujarat whose land you took to build a statue and to whom now you have given jobs as toilet cleaners.

During her speech, Moitra mentioned the lessons the world learnt from Nazi Germany, and how similar techniques were being used here.

NPR, NRC, and CAA are all tools in a Machiavellian design to first mark out and then disenfranchise and finally annihilate. This is your biggest betrayal of those who voted for you. Nobody wants to be part of this ‘us versus them’ debate. My friends who voted for you in 2014 are horrified by what is happening in their name under your watch.
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In the midst of denouncing the government, Mahua also claimed that real GDP growth targets have not been mentioned. Her speech is now being lauded as an incisive attack on several key issues of the current ruling power.