In an unlikely turn of events, Sandeep Jadhav, a resident of Maharashtra’s Vasai was rescued from the roof of an empty bungalow after he was stuck there all night after a failed suicide attempt.

According to Mid-day, the 29-year-old decided to end his life post a fight with his wife on Tuesday night. 

After going on a drinking binge he attempted to hang himself from a tree, but decided against it before climbing on the roof of an empty bungalow. 

He, however, remained stuck there all night as he couldn’t find out the way down. He was then rescued by his neighbors on Wednesday morning after they alerted the fire brigade. 

 “Our team rushed to the spot. Our officials Kamlesh Salunke and Mahendra Satpute climbed on the roof of the bungalow with a ladder while Jadhav was kept busy. The officials reached the spot he was at, and brought him down with the help of a safety jacket,” senior fire officer Yogesh Nemlekar told Mid-day

(Feature image source: Reuters)