Miracles happen, whether we believe it or not, in some form or the other. And one just unfolded in Casablanca, Morocco, where a man found her wife two years after he thought he had buried her.

In 2014, the wife of Abragh Mohamed, a resident of Azilal in central Morocco, met with a road accident in Casablanca after which she was admitted to Ibn Rochd hospital. Mohamed was short of cash so he went back to Azilal to get money but, when he returned, he was told her wife was dead.

Her body was handed over to Abragh by the authorities of Casablanca Ibn Rochd hospital in a coffin, reports The Independent. Subsequently, he finished the last rites.

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Two years later, a friend of Abragh informed him to say that her wife just appeared on Al Mokhtafoun (‘The Disappeared’), a national television show which helps people track down missing relatives.

During the show, the woman gave her details and urged everyone to search for her husband, with whom she lost connection a year and a half ago.

There are no further reports of how both could not meet in a span of two years but it is being speculated that the woman had lost her memory after the accident.