A brawl turned ugly in Hassan, Karnataka, when three men assaulted and stabbed another in broad daylight on Wednesday. Several bystanders filmed the incident on their mobile cameras, even as no one came forward to intervene or stop the fight.

For nearly 20 minutes, the young man was beaten up, then stabbed, then assaulted again in the middle of a crowded street in Hassan, which is 185 kms from Bengaluru. 

The video was posted on social media, and has been going viral ever since : 


At 4.30 pm on Saturday, a man identified as Dhanush, was allegedly staring at a young woman at a bus stop when two men took offense and got into a verbal quarrel with him according to a PTI report. Dhanush called his brother Sudeep and two friends for help and a fight broke out between the two groups.

However, The Hindu carries a different explanation for the quarrel. The report says that Dhanush, and Sunil, who were from the same village and college, got into an altercation over a girl they both liked. After Dhanush’s brother Sudeep and Hanumantha arrived, they attacked Sunil, who in turn attacked and stabbed both Sudeep and Hanumantha. 

Meanwhile, senior police officer Rahul Kumar confirming the same explanation told News Minute

“There was some love problem between two boys. Sunil and Dhanush started fighting over a girl. Sunil hit Dhanush first. Later Dhanush seemed to have called two of his brothers and they together assaulted Sunil. During which he was also stabbed.”

The attack allegedly only stopped with the arrival of the police, though the PTI report claims that cops were also part of the watching crowd. The injured have been given medical attention, and two complaints have been filed. 

(Inputs from PTI)

(Feature Image Source: Twitter/@bhakt4ever)