On May 20, Bay of Bengal faced one of the worst cyclonic storms. As cyclone Amphan made its landfall in India, Bengal and Odisha were the worst-hit states.

Source: Gulf News

Images and videos of the worst tropical storm in decades destroying thousands of homes and disrupting lives have surfaced on the internet. 

However, this heartbreaking image of a man taking shelter in a dustbin is the visual representation of how the government has managed to fail the less privileged, yet again.

This man was captured in West Bengal's Asansol after the locals of that area spotted him hiding in the garbage bin along with a dog. 

Source: Twitter

The night after the cyclonic storm, he was seen scavenging for discarded food in the dumpster on May 21. 

Source: The Quint

With his survival instincts and no place to protect him from the ravages of the cyclone, this man jumped into the dumpster. According to local sources, the man in this picture is mentally disabled. 

Looking at the plight of this man and remembering the ongoing state of migrants, walking thousands and thousands of kilometers to reach their homes, makes me wonder if India is inching towards a humanitarian crisis. 

Earlier today, PM Modi along with Mamta Banerjee took an aerial survey of areas affected by Cyclone Amphan. 

As we write this, sitting in the comfort of our own home, according to official figures, the death toll has risen up 72.