It’s no secret that flip flops, or rubber chappals, are a major source of pollution, especially when discarded in the water. Elmer Padilla, from the Philippines, has found a smart workaround though. He’s turning used flip flops into these badass action figures.

A father to 2 daughters, Elmer primarily works as a construction worker in the village of Imus. This is where he’s set up his shop of rubber wonders.

Elmer went viral after his friend, Adrian Bernabe, shared photos of his work on a Facebook group dedicated to Filipino art, which soon reached Reddit.

Elmer’s trinkets aren’t just cool to look at, they’re also helping to support his family, as well as taking a bite out of the detrimental effects these rubber products otherwise have on the environment. Now to just get my hands on one of these bad boys!

All images from Reddit.