Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi in an interview on NDTV has revealed why she thinks it is important to have curfews and set timings for girls in hostels. The minister feels it is necessary in order to protect girls from their ‘hormonal outbursts’. 

In an interview that was ironically conducted for Womens’ Day, Gandhi was asked why girls should have an early curfew in hostels and rented accomodations. 

Gandhi replied that protection was an important factor for parents who send their kids to live in a hostel. And teenage students living in hostels are “hormonally very challenged”, the minister said.

Yes, she actually said that. And here’s video proof: 

But she quickly caught her mistake. The minister clarified that similar deadlines should also be imposed for male students.

Gandhi said that such rules cannot be put in place by merely deploying two security guards at the hostel gates. Both boys and girls need to be instructed about their limits for everything, the minister said.

But Twitterati couldn’t stop picking on the minister for her outrageous statement and the reactions poured in: