“Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not.” – Samuel Johnson

Some people literally risk their lives to save another soul without expecting anything in return. 

One such example was set by a woman, named Rajni Shetty, from Mangalore who went out of her way to save a doggo who was stuck inside a 30 feet borewell.


In a heart-warming video that is doing rounds on social media, Rajni can be seen hanging with the help of a rope, inside a well to rescue a dog who somehow fell into it. 

She managed to tie a rope around the helpless dog with the help of some people who were standing outside the well. 

Finally, the dog was pulled up smoothly and gently by those standing outside the well with the help of a rope and, as soon as he got out, he ran away with joy. In an interview with TOI, Rajni said: 

With the help of a rope, tied to my waste, I got into the well. The dog had managed to sit in one corner and was scared and initially, even tried to bite me. The moment I pampered it; it became friendly. I was quick to tie a rope around it and the moment it was secure, people from top pulled the dog out first and with the help of ropes, I climbed out of the well.

Twitter also appreciated Rajni for her efforts and her heroic actions by calling her a “true hero”. 

What a kind soul! More power to you.