Every once in a while we hear reports of Apple watch saving lives of people by using its life-saving features. However, this time it’s a Google Pixel phone that saved a man’s life by taking a bullet for him.

The Pigeon Express

Wondering how it happened? Well, while covering a protest near the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, one of the photographers of Hong Kong based photography studio called Studio Incendo, was shot with a rubber bullet.

Punjab Kesari

However, his Google Pixel 3XL saved a life by stopping the bullet. While the photographer was safe, the phone got badly damaged by the bullet’s impact.

Sharing the news, Studio Incendo tweeted, “Our photographer was shot by a rubber bullet on Monday in the battlefield of #polyu #hongkong The #pixel3 phone stopped the bullet and was destroyed. He didn’t get hurt. Surprised it can still be turned on.”

The images in the tweet show that the bullet hit the phone in the bottom right corner. The impact was so powerful that it shattered the glass on either side of the phone.

Android Infotech

Though the front side of the phone was intact, the back panel was heavily damaged. However, what surprised people was the fact that the phone was still working.

People were quite impressed with the quality of Google’s phone but also worried about the situation of Hong Kong at the same time.

Though Pixel phones are a little expensive, with such impressive build quality, you can trust them to last long.