Be it the 101st anniversary of traffic lights , or the birthday of Albert Einstein, Google remembers every important day and person who set a benchmark in the pages of history. On Monday, September 28, scientists of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) discovered the presence of liquid water on Mars .

A cute animated red planet has been sketched by Google to mark the important day when NASA confirmed the presence of water on another planet. The animated Mars, which represents the second O in Google, was also seen sipping water from a glass to represent why exactly Mars became a trending topic on Tuesday, September 29.

Previously, NASA’s Curiosity Rover had clicked images which had raised questions about existence of life in Mars. The pictures had shown the alleged presence of a woman, crab, iguana and even a spoon. However, these could also be a game of shadows and rocks. But since none of them were confirmed by NASA, they didn’t get their own Google doodle.

To know more about the recent discovery and its effect in the solar system, you can click the Google Doodle and it can give a detail knowledge about this epic discovery.

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