A text book for Masters of Commerce (MCom) Part I, used by students of the University of Mumbai has created quite a controversy. One of its chapters explained a topic using an analogy which can be perceived as classist and sexist.

The book titled Macro Economics – Concepts and Applications, which  is printed by a private publisher named Manan Publication, is used by thousands of students of colleges which are affiliated under the university. 

While explaining the difference between goods and services in a chapter on National Income, a problematic analogy was used as an example.

“If a man employs a maid servant, the payment to her may be considered as a positive item of national income. If he marries her, she will continue to do the same work without payment, and therefore, may not be included in national income,reports DNA.

This analogy was first noticed by a Twitter user who posted about it. But soon it sparked controversy and many felt that the comparison was unnecessary.

A day after DNA reported about it, the chapter was removed from the text book.

The university, on the other hand, denied prescribing any book by private publishers for its syllabus.

(Feature image is representational | Source: Reuters)